Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tried Tagxedo?

So thinking about Sarah's post and talking about Wordle, it reminded me of another very similar website....Tagxedo

Tagxedo, like Wordle, allows you or your students to input words and create pictures and word clouds with them. Some differences with Tagxedo versus Wordle is:

-you can choose to have your words put into the shape of a picture rather than just a cloud shape in Wordle.
-You can input a website, blog site, or twitter feed and a Tagxedo picture will be created from what's on that site. ***Great idea with this!!! Remember, the more a word is inputed, the larger it will be in the picture...maybe you could have students input a website address to create a Tagxedo and look at which words are larger. Students will be able to examine what the main ideas/themes of the site are.

Check back soon...I'll be posting some examples!

1 comment:

  1. I decided to try this on a news article. It worked, in a way. I wasn't able to discern the main idea from the Wordle (I used Wordle instead of Tagxedo), but I was able to determine the topic of the article.