Sunday, February 3, 2013

Had fun playing with Tagxedo!

So I decided to play around with some of the different options with Tagxedo. 

Like I mentioned before, you can insert a website address and create a Tagxedo picture based upon the words found on the site. Here's a Tagxedo I created from my own Web 2.0 Blog....
                                        And of course I used the fun star shape too!

If you wanted to have your students use Tagxedo as a tool during their research, they could input a website they have found and see what the main themes or ideas are. Here's a Tagxedo I created using the US Holocaust Museum's website that we were looking at last class:

              Have you used Tagxedo in your classes? Please share!


  1. I think this would be a good Web 2.0 tool to use in a telecollaborative project because each group completing the Tagxedo could have different large words and therefore, participants could easily and quickly access similarities and differences among the groups participating in the project.

  2. Hey Lisa, I really like this site! I've always used Wordle in the past, but I think that this site seems to have some additional features. I like how you can form the words into a picture, like your star! That was hard for me to do on Wordle. I also think it's really helpful that you can take a website or blog and input it into Tagxedo. I could see using this to help students understand main idea of non-fiction text. I also like Natalie's idea for the telecollaborative project!