Sunday, February 3, 2013

AWESOME idea with Storybird!

Guess what?! I've been thinking about your telecollaborative projects and how students can work on projects together from all over the world. STORYBIRD has an awesome option of having students working collaboratively together to write a story! Students can share log in information and can go on Storybird to write parts of their story. One student could choose the illustration and the other student(s) could write the story. Or maybe they could work back and forth to write page by page and see how the story comes together. 

OR if you teach a world language, like maybe for example could have students learning Spanish and students learning English work together to write a bilingual storybook. They could work together to decide the story, characters, plot, etc and then the could create a bilingual book. The students learning English could write 1 page in English and the students learning Spanish could write the page in Spanish. What a neat telecollaborative idea!! ;)

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