Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Studyblue is a website that students and teachers can use to create digital flashcards. Teachers can create an account and their own flashcards on a specific topic. Students can then link to their teachers’ cards and use them to study, or they may create their own.

I think this is an awesome tool. I have my students create flashcards all the time to learn new vocabulary words. I think we’ve moved beyond having to make paper “notecard” flashcards and students find digital flashcards more useful. Another aspect of this site that I really love is that I can search for “premade” cards for my words. For example, if someone else has already created a card for “La biblioteca”, I can just use their card in my stack rather than making my own. It saves my students and I a lot of time. Also, a lot of cards that I find have a picture on them which is great because then students can just study the Spanish word with a picture rather than the English translation. If you teach children of a younger age, the picture option would be great for them too.

Here's a screen shot of a flashcard I found already created for "La cuerda" = Jumprope

Has anyone else used StudyBlue.com?


  1. I used study blue as one of my tech tips for the 9th grade team this year and many loved it! Good source that kids can use and the technology encourages them to make flashcards and study!

  2. Awesome! While many of my students don't like to admit it, I think for high school aged kids the mobile app is great. They love not having to carry around their paper flashcards and can just zip through them on the bus/car/couch WHEREVER! :)

  3. I just sent this to my daughter (10th grade) who has a terrible time studying for vocabulary tests in her English class.

    1. After I sent this to my daughter, she started using it. I don't know if she is now using this site or a similar one, but whichever site she is using, she is giving a staff development to her school's English Department about it; her English teacher is the Department Chair.