Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Glogster Student Examples

My students used Glogster to create online posters that teach about how to use commands in Spanish and also how commands are used in many recipes. I couldn't link directly to their Glog because they are private under our class site (which is a bummer because they put awesome videos that they created on them!), but here are some screen shots of my 2 favorites: 

The cool thing about these glogs is students were able to log on at home and add their own pieces bit by bit. When they finished it was already under my account for easy grading!

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  1. I heard of Glogster a few years ago but haven't actually used it. I think being able to access it at home is a big plus when creating assignments for students. Did you spend time teaching your students how to use Glogster before this assignment? Thanks for posting the examples!