Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you think StudyBlue would be great for your students?

If you're not sure if StudyBlue would be good for your students, here are some other options that StudyBlue has to offer:

  • o   The cards can be printed and/or emailed (sometimes I have my students do one of these options if I have them make flashcards as a homework assignment)
  • o   The cards can be compiled into a quiz
  • o   The cards can be compiled into a review sheet
  • o   From home, student can log in through their Facebook account and Facebook will change their status to: “Don’t bother me right now, I’m studying!” so they are not distracted by friends! ;)

  • o   There is a mobile app so students can study their cards from anywhere!!

It’s a pretty awesome site that I suggest you try out with your students. Who doesn’t find flashcards useful?!

1 comment:

  1. Some of my students have used studyblue.com since I told them about it. Even though they are not allowed to have their cell phones in the classroom, I tell them they can make an exception if they are pulling it out to show me their notecards. I think the app feature is extremely user friendly and allows for students to be able to study any place, any time! Such an awesome tool!